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We recruit, accredit & train drivers so that your Supply Chain runs uninterrupted

Objective to Fulfill

  • Build a comprehensive Driver Database - Million Drivers on DX digital platform.
  • Be the looking glass for the Industry – when it comes to searching for different skill-set drivers.
  • Make job opportunities transparent to drivers – eliminate unorganized middlemen.
  • Educate the Drivers about safety and security of self as well as the assets they run.
  • Help equip the industry with well trained and reliable drivers.
  • Attract Talent - Make Driving a job that society recognizes as a formal way of employment.
  • Work towards improving work life balance of the Drivers.
  • Work with all stakeholders to better their risk coverage through common insurance programs.

We focus on finding the best driver that fits the needs of our clients. You want someone who is qualified, responsible and safe but you also need a respectable personality. We provide you with that.

Transportation Fleet Owners

Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

Construction & Earth Moving Companies

E-Commerce Logistics & Delivery Companies

Taxi Hailing- App Based Operators