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We recruit, accredit & train drivers so that your Supply Chain runs uninterrupted

Why Drivers Community?

Drivers are the most critical players in the transportation and logistics industry which belongs to Poor and neglected community. The role of a driver is very challenging and critical, given the unpredictable nature and schedule, long periods and distances away from family members, perceived harassment by the police while on route and the job insecurity involved.

Poor design and maintenance of the Indian roads add to problems of health and safety. In spite of this, they are paid poorly and not surprisingly there is a growing shortage of drivers.

There is both a status and a skill gap among drivers. So how to give level up and develop equally required skills, so that they should be treated as a human being. There is an increasing focus on bridging the skill gap and providing appropriate en-route facilities for drivers. These efforts are fragmented and need more focused attention. That`s why DX brought a Digital Platform to bring all Drivers at common platform through online Digital Job Portal Services.

Why Driver’s Xchange?

DX stands for conceptualizing, planning, training, strategizing and executing the ideas behind the steering wheels around the following verticals and revolutionizing the innovating and improvising the Life’s of Drivers everyday through it’s No.1 Job Portal Services www.driversxchange.com

We focus on finding the best driver that fits the needs of our clients. You want someone who is qualified, responsible and safe but you also need a respectable personality. We provide you with that.

Transportation Fleet Owners

Manufacturing & Distribution Companies

Construction & Earth Moving Companies

E-Commerce Logistics & Delivery Companies

Taxi Hailing- App Based Operators